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  I am currently looking for work. My resume is available upon request, viewable on or a current version is viewable here in HTML format.

Here are some programming examples, to showcase my work:
  This example uses thumbnail pictures as the link to the individual pages, and a little bit of JavaScript on the main page to make life more interesting.
Skills used: HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, Photoshop, love of family and cats, and a sense of humor
  My Personal Web Pages (JavaScript required)
  My Personal Web Pages (No JavaScript required)
  This example is an update of the FAQ for the Usenet newsgroup, rec.pets.cats.anecdotes.
Skills used: HTML and CSS
  This example was a special census project for the Usenet newsgroup, rec.pets.cats.anecdotes. It dynamically lists statistics from a MySQL database for various cat lovers, and creates dynamic charts for some of those statistics.
Skills used: C#, ASP.NET, HTML, MySQL
  RPCA Census

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