The Jelly Tubbies

I saw these in the Super Saver nearby, and was intrigued, so I bought a
full set. The boxes were full, so I may be the only one who ever bought any.

At any rate, I suppose this adds a whole new meaning to:
"Hello! Would you like a jelly baby?"

Jelly Pops. Front of package.

Here is how the TeleTubbies look before being released
from their plastic prisons.

Here is the back of the package, with bilingual text for everything.
"City of Industry, California" , huh? Is that like "Young America, Minnesota"?

Jelly Pops. Back of package.
Jelly Pops after removing from packaging.
Here are the cheerful Teletubbies after they have been
Released from their packages, the wire tie undone and
the plastic bags removed. They look so happy despite
being impaled on little paper sticks.
Jelly Pops face-off!
I wonder what happens if you rip off their faces? A
Teletubbies face-off!

Oh. This makes me feel better, somehow.

The faces, arms, televisions, head-symbols and hat are
made of some hard candy, that is difficult to chew. I'm
not entirely sure if that pinkish stuff on the sides of
their heads is dried earwax or more hard candy...
Headless Jelly Pops

Finally, off with their heads! Doom-style impalements!

To eat the actual "jelly pops", I had to literally cut them
free of the sticks using a knife (photo not available since
I forgot to take one at this step).

Their bodies are made of the toughest gumdrop material next
to gummi bears, and taste vaguely of fruit flavors,
but mostly just of sugar. I hope I didn't pull a filling
loose in the process.

Are kids supposed to suck on these until they dissolve?

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