A new kitten visitor

This little ball of fluff showed up on our doorstep, meowing for all his little heart was worth, but afraid
to let a human get close. He finally realized I was a good guy, and let me pick him up. He has a big purr.


I fixed him some crunchies soaked in milk. He had NO trouble with that at all.

He certainly had an audience, though. Notice Little Feet popping up to sniff him, and Little Boy giving him the evil eye...

Little Feet checks out the hungry visitor.
Little Boy and Little Feet watch the hungry visitor. Little Boy gives him the evil eye.

Afterwards, the little visitor hangs out on the A/C with Uncle Buster. It was funny watching him cliiiimb up the A/C.

Notice Little Boy watching with disapproval in the background, through the dirty (gasp!) window.

Buster touches noses with the little one.
Hangin'out with Uncle Buster.

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