Pictures of Little Boy

We had a serious drop in temperature during December of 2005, and this sweet cat asked to be let in.
He had an abscess on his upper right leg, which we had treated. He was also so fat that I thought he was
a pregnant girl kitty. The vet assured us that he is a neutered male (big grin). We're also working on the weight.

We have been trying to find his people, with no luck, so it seems we've added a fourth love-kitty to our home.


Look at that beautiful face. And that half smile. What a cutie!

Little Boy posing for me
Little Boy posing for me

He likes the plastic chair in the hallway. These shots show off his beautiful
tummy fur, and the black velvet coloring on the bottoms of all four paws.

I really like the way he is grinning for me, especially in the last two
chair pictures. He seems really pleased with himself.

Little Boy asleep on a plastic chair in the hallway.
A closeup of Little Boy's smiling face.
Little Boy starts to wake up.
Little Boy wakes up more, and starts to clean a paw. Big, toothy smile.
NOW I'm ready for my picture to be taken. Big, self-satisfied smile.

Finally, I got a few pictures of him on the bed, trying to escape the camera.
The last shot seems to be saying Okay! Enough with the doggone flash already!

Little Boy sleeping on the bed.
Little Boy wakes up a little.
Enough with the darn flash, already!

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