More Pictures of Lucy and Family

Here are some current pictures of my dad's cat Lucy (Christmas 2005). I also managed to get some pictures of my folks and their dogs too.

Here's Lucy, International kitten of mystery, hiding behind her veil. She still doesn't care much for the Paparazzi...
Lucy being coy
Lucy thinking about being coy
Lucy meeting her admirers
Lucy showing her glamorous side
Here are my Pop, and my Stepmother with Mozart, her poodle. Mozart loves his mommy.
My dad
My stepmom and her poodle, Mozart
Finally, Here's my daughter-in-law Lisa, holding my folks other dog, Angel the Peka-poo, and a picture of my sister, Darla.
I refer to Angel as Angel-Kitty because she is such a sweet, lovable girl.
My sister-in-law Lisa, and my folks dog Angel
My beautiful sister, Darla

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