What I found on the doorstep when I got home

Miss Emily is a sweet little feral girl. When she sees me, she trots over, and stands on her hind legs to
get her head rubbed and her ears skritched. Lately, she has been VERY insistent on getting in the car with
me in the morning. I think I finally figured out why...


"Kittens? What kittens? Ooooh! Those kittens. SURPRISE! Cute, aren't they?"

She has three kittens - one grey, one black and one black with a grey face.

Kittens? What kittens? Miss Emily is lying on the bitties.
Miss Emily proudly shows off her brood.

"Well, I can tell you one thing - they really make me hungry! And tired. Make that two things"

Well, these kittens sure make me hungry!
And the kittens certainly make me tired!

Here are a couple of attempted closeups of the bitties.

Attempted closeup of the kittens
Attempted closeup of the kittens

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