What I found in the bushes this morning

Miss Emily is a sweet little feral girl. When I went out to feed the ferals this morning, Miss Emily had a little
extra company - two beautiful kittens, about three weeks old. Dammit, I knew I should have gotten her fixed!
Well, they're inside this time, so the kittens won't be eaten by predators.


Caged and ready to slurp down some dinner. Miss Emily isn't entirely sure she likes the cage.

Miss Emily and her new brood of two kitens
Miss Emily and her new brood of two kitens

"I think SOMEBODY needs a bath!" Somebody else is giving serious thought to Mom's crunchies.

Checking out mom's crunchies
Bathtime for one kitten!

More bathing... "Hey! whatchoo lookin' at?!"

More kitten bathing
I get the evil eye from the bathed kitten

Miss Emily declares dinner is over. Junior has other ideas...

The family is up, andone still wonders about crunchies

MORE PIX: July 27th, 2008

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