I was checking out the fuzzysquid site while eating lunch, and found most of these images.
The biochemical sign and the fortune-cookie fortune are mine.

Drug Use Issues

A new non-headshop business model for recreational drug use
Hedonist Biochemicals business sign

This is your sculptor on drugs
Statue of a horse hanging upside down from ceiling

George Lucas' original vision of evil
Darth Vader done up in Hello Kitty style

I, for one, welcome our ancient lizard overlords
The roots of Christianity?

Male/Female Issues

A man's view of the differences between men and women
A man's view of the differences between men and women

When pedicures go bad
Chicken with pedicure

Disgruntled People

I See A Great Need for this product and/or service!
Lord grant me the ability to punch people in the face over TCP/IP

But sometimes, only a personal visit will do
Pirate penguins

Lunch Over - The fortune from my fortune cookie. Figures.
Fortune not found: Abort, Retry, Ignore?

Oh well, it's still a beautiful day!
Tree beneath a double rainbow

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