Cowboy's Stadium, Arlington Texas: Rampaging Ent Caught, Immobilized

Captured Ent is strapped to a truck for transport to a federal rehabilitation forest
A rampaging Ent was caught and Immobilized today at the new Cowboy's Stadium. Standard tranquilizer guns failed to stop the large Ent. However, it surrendered when police brought in a backhoe and several chainsaws. It was strapped to a truck and will be taken to a federal rehabilitation forest.
Captured Ent still struggles to escape
Despite being strapped down, the enraged Ent continued to struggle and is still considered to be very dangerous. The truck has been roped off with DANGER tape.
Young neighborhood Ents gawk at their captured neighbor
Young neighborhood ents gawk at their captured neighbor.

"He was always so serene, providing shade and nesting space. I think the unseasonable snow just got to him. He became enraged - just short of totally snapping before he simply 'fell down'. It will take years to rebuild the goodwill towards Ents that we have enjoyed for centuries," said one neighbor.

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