Images of the Detrex Plant in Arlington Texas

I was at Detrex for 12 years (August 11, 1986 to April 1, 1998), and I took a few pictures
over the years, even after I left the company. Here are some of the pictures I've collected:

The brand new Detrex sign. We were really proud of it.
The warehouse sometime during the 1990s - my desk, the warehouse and the still:
My desk.
The warehouse and the still
The plant closed sometime around 2000 I think. The pretty new sign looked worn out by 2005. This makes me sad:
The worn-out Detrex sign. This makes me sad.
The plant is still on the block. Here are the 2008 snapshots. I notice they finally took the sign down:
The fence is falling down
The fence is falling down
The lot.
The lot
The lot.

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