New SmartCat Door Shelves for the Cats

I bought and assembled these really cool door shelves for the cats. You can Google for them, if interested.
Little Boy was the first to investigate, looking all around from the new top of the world.
Then he let me know it would really be nice if I would spice things up a bit for him.
Little Boy on the top shelf.
Little Boy looks around from the top shelf.
Can we spice it up? Some catnip here, please. Now!
So I sprinkled catnip on all the shelves, which made both Little Boy and Little Feet very happy.
Little Boy and Little Feet enjoying their catnip.
Little Boy and Little Feet enjoying their catnip
Even Apache was interested, and came over to check it out. But the boys told her no grrrls allowed, and she left.
For her troubles, I made sure she got her own private stash in her favorite hiding spot - my walk-in closet.
Hey boys, what's up?
Ooh! Catnip! I want some!
Can I come up and share?
But Little Boy is something of a mean drunk, so he decided to pick a fight with Little Feet. At least he had to think about it first.
Now... what kind of mischief can I get into?
I need someone to pick on!
Little Feet, I pick you!

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