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Presto and the afghan blanket
Dulce Mae
Dulce Mae
It's Cold Outside!
Feral kittens come in to get warm
Grisly Photoshop pictures
Captured Ent
Rampaging Ent caught, captured
Current Resume
My resume
Texas Stadium 1
The Implosion of Texas Stadium
Presto and Stuff
Presto and some other stuff
Little Boy
Pictures of Little Boy
Sleepy Apache
Things to worry about
Just Me
Just a few pictures of me (October, 2006)
Texas Stadium 2
The Implosion of Texas Stadium - Additional Pictures
Presto and Little Feet
Presto and Little Feet
Pictures of BK (Baby Kitten) aka Bucky
Orville - another feral
Webbed trees
Electric Sign
Electric sign
Just Us
Pictures of Mark and Senyah
Around Town 3
Around town, in Arlington, Texas
Presto and Little Feet
The cat tower
Three Cats
More pictures of the lovable threesome
New Year Cats 2013
New Year Cats 2013
An animated birthday cake
My Daughter Delia
Delia's wedding
Around Town 4
Around town, in Las Colinas and Irving, Texas
Presto and Little Feet
Older pictures of Little Feet and Presto
My dad's cat Lucy
Door Shelves
New door shelves for the cats
Resume Picture
My resume picture
My Daughter Krissy
Krissy's wedding
Around Town 5
Around town, in Irving, Texas
Little Feet
Little Feet's bounty
Lucy and My Family
More pictures of Lucy
Apache and the Closet Door
Apache and the closet door
Sheep Cannon
A sheep cannon
Halloween 2010
Halloween 2010
Little Feet and Me
A boy (me) and his cat (Little Feet) get down to some serious resting
Lucy at Christmas 2009
A few signs of Kibology in Arlington, Texas
Christmas 2009
Family Christmas pictures 2009
Superbowl Prep
Getting ready for Super Bowl XLV
Little Feet and Dulce Mae
Playtime with Dulce Mae and Little Feet
Mommy Kitten and Buster
Pictures of Mommy Kitten and Buster
Jelly Tubbies
Jelly Tubbies
Images of Detrex
Around Town 7
Around town in Hurst Texas
Little Feet and Buster
Little Feet and Buster
Spot - a visitor cat
Wasted Lunch
Images found while eating lunch
Winter 2004
A Texas winter
Around Town 8
Around town in historic downtown Plano Texas
Little Feet and Buster
Buster and Little Feet
Kitten Visitor
A visitor kitten
Bad ideas for Thanksgiving
Winter 2010
A Texas winter - 2010, The First Day
Around Town 9
Around town in Fort Worth Texas
Buster at rest
Dulce - Visitor
Dulce - a visitor cat
My Ouchie
My surgical wound
Winter 2010
A Texas winter - 2010, The Next Day
Around Town 10
Around town in Arlington Texas
OMG! Kittens!
OMG! Kittens!
Little Feet loves Senyah
Little Feet loves Senyah
Road Trip
Kibological road trip
Around Town 1
Around town in Arlington, Texas
Halloween 2011
Halloween at the office - 2011
OMG! Kittens2!
OMG! Kittens! Again, Dammit!
Cats August 2010
More pictures of the cats - August 2010
Movie Displays
Interactive movie displays
Around Town 2
Around town in Arlington, Texas

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