Resume for Mark Edwards

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Summary: Technical Skills:
  • MS SQL Server 2000-2010, Visual Studio 2005-2010, BizTalk 2010.
  • Robohelp, FrameMaker, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro.


Developer, Horizon Lines, Las Colinas, TX (June 2011 - Present)
  • New development and maintenance of BizTalk EDI applications.
  • New development and maintenance of C# applications related to EDI development.
  • New development and maintenance of stored procedures related to EDI development.
  • Design and maintenance of system reports related to EDI development.
  • Documentation of applications developed.
  • Skills used: C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2010, BizTalk 2010, Visual Studio 2010 with Team Foundation Server, Powershell

Senior Developer, DataWorkforce, Dallas, TX (May 2010 - December 2010)
  • New development and maintenance of the heavily object-oriented Financial and Operations System (FOS).
  • Related views and stored procedures.
  • Design and maintenance of Crystal Reports for the system.
  • Design and maintenance of project unit tests.
  • Skills used: VB.Net, SQL Server 2008, Crystal Reports, CSLA business objects, Unit Testing, Team Foundation Server

Programmer, Infassure, Richardson, TX (July 2007 - November 2009)
  • Projects for companies who can't afford their own IT department, including:
  • PHP and MySQL based web site hosted on Linux for
  • Convert Excel files to SQL Server tables.
  • Create order tracking web services, SMTP client services and email order processing services.
  • Create Sharepoint site with dynamic pie charts, for survey reporting.
  • Recreate VB3 application as a C#/.NET application.
  • Create sites using ASP.NET, ADO.NET and AJAX.
  • Skills used: Windows Forms, Windows Services, Sharepoint 2007, Classic ASP, ASP.NET, Javascript and AJAX, CSS, C#, VB.NET, VB6, SQL Server 2000/2005, PHP, MySQL, Microsoft Access

Consultant, TekSystems, Dallas, TX (November 2006 - July 2007)
  • Xerox (February 2007 July 2007): Document and support web, MSAccess, and SQL Server applications. Train co-workers in support functions.
  • Verizon (January, 2007): Clone web-based employee-management pages, using ASP, VBScript and Oracle.
  • JP Morgan Chase (December, 2006): Convert MS Infoview forms to Metastorms Business Process Management (BPM) forms.
  • Skills used: Classic ASP, ASP.NET, Javascript, CSS, C#, VB6, SQL Server 2000/2005

Programmer, IntelleCare, Dallas, TX (July 2005 - October 2006)
  • Research, design and maintain Windows Services that interface with Access databases, to extract and manage cell phone billing information.
  • Build applications to convert vendor data from various formats to database tables.
  • Maintain legacy accounting system.
  • Skills used: Delphi 2006, Delphi 7, Microsoft Access

Software Engineer, Innovative Managed Care Systems (I-MaCS), Dallas, TX (Feb 2001 May 2005)
  • Created and maintained a web-based update report using ASP.Net. The report enables internal users (company personnel) to view weekly changes to insurance data.
  • Integrated dozens of separate perl scripts for medical-records processing, into three generalized scripts. This significantly reduced maintenance and redundancy.
  • Automated FTP downloading, and preprocessing of thousands of medical records for over one hundred medical facilities, using perl, with a SQL Server back end. This saved time and effort over the manual processes that were previously in place. Medical records included UB92, HCFA1500, and, detail-charge files in a dozen different formats.
  • Created and maintained the Carepricer application in perl, which parsed pricing information from facility Charge files, and imported the pricing information into a SQL Server database back end, based on type of medical facility.
  • Parsed and extracted data from XML-based medical records, using XSLT transforms.
  • Skills used: C#/ASP.Net, SQL Server 2000, Visual Source Safe, perl, JavaScript, HTML, XML, XSLT.

Programmer, SymmetricWare, Dallas, TX (Mar 2000 Jan 2001)
  • Developed and maintained a large mortgage-investment application, with object-oriented Delphi modules, and used Advantage SQL server database in the backend. The application helps track mortgage investments, and presents data in QuickReports Reports, HTML format or Excel spreadsheets, with the options to create custom reports and custom database queries.
  • Skills used: Delphi 6, Advantage SQL server, HTML, CSS, Excel VBA, QuickReports.

Technical Writing Consultant, Trinity Software, Arlington, TX (Feb 1999 Mar 2000)
  • Documented Security, Inventory, Order Fulfillment, Auditing and Publishing Contract Management applications.
  • Create technical-user and end-user documentation in a variety of formats, including Winhelp, HTML, PDF, Word and plain text, using Robohelp and FrameMaker.
  • Designed illustrations and drawings for documentation, using Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.
  • Coordinated with programmers, managers and end-users, to ensure that all aspects of the applications were clearly documented, concentrating on step-by-step technical and non-technical instruction.
  • Examined VB6 source code, and wrote SQL Server queries, to gather data for the documentation.
  • Parse, correct and update documentation files with perl regular expressions.
  • Skills used: perl, VB6, SQL, HTML, Robohelp, FrameMaker, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Excel VBA.

Engineering Intern, GE Team Controls and Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX (Jul 1998 - Jun 1999)
  • Maintain and prepare final documentation for a half-million dollar project.
  • Track documentation changes and updates with Excel, Access, and SQL Server.
  • Write queries to research and update project changes, using Access and SQL Server.
  • Skills used: Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Excel VBA.

Operations and IT, Detrex Corporation, Arlington, TX (Aug 1986 - Apr 1998)
  • Sole IT support and technical resource in support of storage, inventory management and processing of hazardous waste.
  • Designed and maintained web pages for branch office.
  • Created Excel add-ins to automate inefficient manual processes. This reduced government-mandated reporting from six hours per day, to two hours per day.
  • Created Windows forms with Delphi and VB5, to allow salespeople to perform reporting and sales functions on their laptops, which were later synchronized with the main Access database at the office. This saved hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.
  • Skills used: Delphi, C++, HTML, Excel VBA, Access, VB5.


Computer Science degree program, University of Texas, Austin and Arlington Texas
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