Road Trip!

They've unearthed a non-Euclidean version of Stonehenge in Texas

I noticed this odd sign in a school zone. I find it interesting
that the phone only has nine keys - it must be hell making calls.
Maybe it's designed without a zero to confuse Arabic students.

Road destruction on I-30
No phone use sign in a school zone

Clay samples of the new burgers at a McDonalds® in Irving, TX. I can't believe that they use
these ugly Play-Doh® looking things to market the burgers (which are quite good, actually!)

As I stood taking the pictures, the manager smiled and said something to one of the workers
that sounded like "Must be from the newspaper." I didn't say anything to convince him otherwise...
McDonalds plastic hamburgers - DO NOT TOUCH!
McDonalds plastic hamburgers

I stopped here because of the steel palm trees at this place, then noticed
that the name and signs were a lot of fun too. Yummy coconut sno-cone!

Texas Coneheads sno-cones
All of the steel palm trees at Texas Coneheads
Two of the steel palm trees at Texas Coneheads

Finally, here is a magnificent statue I saw a couple of weeks ago, and was irritated that I had left my camera at home.

This statue sits in front of the Trinity Broadcasting building in Irving, Texas. It, and the fake burgers at the
McDonalds® were the main reasons for the road trip. Note that the sword pommel is the world. That's gonna hurt.

Statue at Trinity Broadcasting - with full view of pedestal
Statue at Trinity Broadcasting - front left view
Statue at Trinity Broadcasting - right view
Statue at Trinity Broadcasting - forward view

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