Here are a few signs I found around town that just struck me as funny, in one way or another

With the variety of products listed, I almost expected to see "Money Orders, UPS and Bait Worms" added to the list. Might've helped - it's for lease.
Multi-level lingerie marketing
Because 20 miles per hour is just too damn fast!
19 MPH, because 20 miles per hour is just too damn fast!
Don't bite on this one. The shiny, pointy thing would hurt a lot more than usual.
Sign warning about police bailt cars
Somebody didn't like the clerk, I guess. This is the sign seen from both sides.
Slight raunchy grafitti on a tobacco store sign
Cross traffic warning sign
Beware! Cross, and generally unhappy drivers just keep going through the intersection!
What happens if you ignore cross traffic
I suppose this is what happens when a cross driver notices you. And stops...
Angularly inappropriate freeway signs
Let's see...

360 goes North and South.
180 goes East and West.

It seems to me that the angles are off somewhere...
Safe place sign
If this is such a safe place, why is the person in back fondling the breasts of the person in front?
Remote control train sign
Gimme a joystick and a Grand Theft Locomotive soundtrack...
Get offa my lawn! sign at the mall
Closest thing to a "Get offa my lawn!" sign that I've seen.
Multi-use sign at the park
I figured that this meant either:
  • Must chase bicycle down slight incline if you fail to secure bicycle
  • We allow both joggers and invisible bicyclists

Other suggestions from alt.religion.kibology:

Paula: Don't stop to use the restrooms or your bike might get away.
Leo Sgouros: If your bike levitates, dance until it returns to the pavement
James Vandenburg: You must funky dance before approaching bike. Bike is psychotic.

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