My visit to Specs Liquor in Dallas - December 23rd, 2011

I went into Dallas just to investigate the newly opened Specs Liquor. As these pictures show,
I did not get away with simply investigating the store. I found quite a few things I couldn't
leave without. No, they didn't have any Pappy, no they didn't have any GTS. No Saz of any age.

I did find some interesting bottles - a couple of the Single Oak Project, some Willet 20 and
a bottle of the 'recreation' of the 1907 British Antarctic Expedition whiskey (cool packaging).

The new bottles. I did not find the Saz at Specs - the bottle of Saz 18 just happened to be in the picture...
Some of the bottles I found at Specs Liquor
Here are some shots of the Antarctic Exploration whiskey
Shot of the closed Antarctic Exploration whiskey packageShot of the closed Antarctic Exploration whiskey package
Detailed image of the Antarctic Exploration bottle
Finally, some scorpion suckers I couldn't resist. My stepson will love these.
Some scorpion suckers I couldn't resist

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